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Radiator Repair Phoenix, Arizona 602-482-2422

Radiator cooling system failure is one of the most common causes of car breakdown.  The professional technicians at Auto Tune Automotive are trained to handle all aspects of your vehicles radiator system.  Most cooling system failures arise from poor radiator maintenance.  Many radiator problems can be prevented with regular radiator maintenance and periodic professional inspections of you car's radiator and cooling system.

Some of the Most Common Radiator Problems

Leaky Fittings or Seams - As your car gets older, the parts are going to develop wear.  When it comes to your car radiator, that includes the hoses, clamps, sealed seams, and secondary fittings.  One of the things that you can look for are overly rusted clamps.  You can also look for leaking seams where the cores join the tanks, and split hoses.  You should do this as part of regular radiator maintenance to avoid serious problems for your vehicle.

Fin Deterioration and Bond Failure – Your car faces constant exposure to dirt, water, or road salt.  This can coat, corrode, or damage the cooling fins on your radiator cores.  Proper radiator maintenance should include regular cleaning and inspection.  This can greatly increase the life of your radiator cores.

Electrolysis - If you use dirty or mineral-rich water in your cooling system, you can quickly accumulate scaling and sediment build-up on the interior of your radiator.  This build-up can be cleaned out with radiator cleaners and/or a rod and brush.

Cracked Tank - One of the most common radiator problems is a cracked tank.  One of the common causes is corrosion.  Proper maintenance to prevent corrosion will extend the life of your radiator

Fan damage – A fan that is improperly installed can rub against or hit the radiator when the car goes over a bump.  This will bend and sometimes split the radiator cores, reducing cooling efficiency and causing leaks.  For the protection of your vehicle, you should periodically, visually inspect your radiator cores for fan damage.

Radiator Services Provided by Auto Tune Automotive

  • Repair of Leaks or Damage Throughout the Entire Radiator Cooling System.
  • Condenser Repairs and Services.
  • Cooling System Flush
  • Abrasive Blasting of the Radiator Parts.
  • Thermostat Inspection
  • Fixing Cracked Belts
  • Replacing Broken Hoses.
  • Checking for Debris Stuck in the Radiator
  • Inspecting for Corrosion Buildups on the Radiator

 It is the goal of Auto Tune Automotive to service and maintain the radiator system of your vehicle, providing you with safety and long life of your vehicle. 

Auto Tune Automotive offers a 12 month, 12,000 mile nationwide warranty on all parts and service with the exception of internal engine repairs, transmission repairs, and differential gears.  The warranty on internal engine repair, transmission repairs, and differential gears are only covered locally and through Auto Tune Automotive.  Please contact Auto Tune Automotive for specific details at 602-482-2422 for specific warranty details.

The radiator specialists at Auto Tune Automotive stand by their work with a complete guarantee of their services and parts.  Auto Tune Automotive is located a 17209 N Cave Creek rd in Phoenix.  That is just North of Bell road on Cave Creek.  Call Auto Tune Automotive for your transmission work at 602-482-2422 or through the Contact Us form.


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